Fresh Cut Tech


What if my Fresh Cut Cover freezes?

It is made almost entirely of water. It will freeze, however will remain effective similar to if the tree was sitting in water. Move the tree to a warm area and allow to thaw, then remove prior to placing the tree in the stand. If it freezes prior to application it must be thawed before being applied.

How long does the Fresh Cut Cover last?

It has been tested extensively for 72 hours. Very dry conditions may shorten this and similarly very wet conditions may lengthen it. If the cover is still damp when removed it is still effective. If it has dried you may need to recut the base of your tree.

What if I want the Fresh Cut Cover to last longer?

Multiple covers can be stacked to increase available moisture.

What is the Fresh Cut Cover made of?

It is a proprietary blended hydrogel material similar to products used in the medical field.

Can the Fresh Cut Cover be re-used?

Moistening the cover will allow it to take up more water, however this is not recommended.

Will the Fresh Cut Cover blow off on the way home if my tree is on my roof?

It has been tested to stay on to 80 mph!

What if I forgot to remove the Fresh Cut Cover prior to placing it in the stand?

It is designed to slowly provide moisture to the tree. By leaving it on your tree may take up water at a slower rate. Research is unclear as to whether this will reduce the useful life of the tree.

My tree isn’t doing well.  Did the Fresh Cut Cover not work?

Christmas Trees are a living thing and not every one is perfect.  Perhaps one in a thousand or more will experience premature needle loss regardless of care.  This is due to variables out of the grower’s control, the retailer’s control and certainly ours.  Any reputable tree retailer understands this and should work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Where can I get one?

Fresh Cut Covers are available at many retailers throughout the country. You can also purchase one here!